Who We Are

Welcome to Hyperion, a Design Agency based in Coventry, UK

We are a team of highly skilled professionals that come from a long background of graphic design, animation and advertising. We believe that what truly sets this agency aside from all the others is the professionalism with which we treat our clients and projects. At Hyperion your projects will always be delivered on time, quality and industry standards will always be met and your project will be treated respectfully. We pride ourselves in our work and we value each opportunity to create new, rich and engaging content. Below you will find a few more reasons why you should choose Hyperion.

  • 1 Professionalism

    We are high-caliber professionals and we will treat your projects accordingly; we will never miss our deadlines and we will not only rise to your expectations, we will exceed them.

  • 2 Creativeness

    We consider the human mind a fascinating realm where ideas and concepts roam free. It is our job to pluck those ideas and beautifully materialize them.

  • 3 Technology

    By keeping up to date with the latest software and hardware we can ensure that we can create high quality, efficient products and we can do it fast.

  • 4 Affordability

    At Hyperion we consider that a satisfied customer is, in term, worth more than an expensive project. This is why we offer high quality services at affordable prices.