Digital Design Services

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Because the virtual world is limitless.

The way we interact with each other has changed since the invention of the internet and the digital realm; Advertising makes no exception. Without the limitations of size, locations or print speed, digital advertising can turn out exactly how you want it - and we are here to do it for you. We keep up with industry standards and technologies so we will deliver top notch web advertising material that is guaranteed to not only boost sales and the success of your customers but to also impress them and improve the image of your company.

  • It can reach a wide market in a fast and timely manner.
  • Digital Advertising is extremely cheap compared to the alternatives.
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Vector Illustrations

Scalability, Reliability and Versatility.

Those are the words that best describe Vector Illustrations and Graphics. Whenever you need an illustration that can be scaled for something as large as a billboard or as small as a business card, Hyperion recommends using vector graphics. We use them in most of our tasks to ensure maximum editability and usability so we are familiar with them. This means that we can create stunning materials when you need them, how you need them.

  • Easy to scale to any desired size.
  • Editing Vector Graphics later on is a breeze.
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Photorealistic Product Mockup

Photorealism at it's best.

Whenever you need to display a concept without actually creating a real prototype you can go for a product mockup. By taking into account facts like lightning, reflections and shadows, our mockups look as real as they can get. We also cover a wide variety of products ranging from printed magazines, books, business cards and documents to real existing and non existing products like phones, mugs, stores, etc.

  • Products Mockups are digital representations of various products
  • They may be used to showcase existing or non-existing items.
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Mobile Interface Design

Professional Mobile App and Interface Design.

The Smartphone market has seen a significant growth over the past few years and nowadays having a smartphone application for your company has become a great way of increasing sales and promoting your business. ALthough we do not offer programming services, we do design complete interfaces and application concepts that may be later on coded by a third party.

  • The Smartphone market has been constantly increasing over the past years.
  • Mobile Applications can offer additional functionality over websites.
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Web Interface Design

For all of your widget and web app needs.

Web applications can vastly increase the functionality of your website if used correctly. We understand that and we ensure that the interfaces we design respect your brand and web identity.

  • You can use web apps to boost the functionality of your website.
  • The ones we design go hand in hand with your image and brand.
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Photography Processing

Bringing images to life.

The use of high quality, adequate photographs is crucial to any designed material; this is why we offer image processing services that will make your images look amazing and go hand in hand with the designed graphics. Our services include color correction, brightness and contrast adjustment, background removal, object isolation, compositing etc.

  • Our services offer great results without the regular hassle.
  • Good Photography is a key element for achieving good media design.
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PowerPoint Presentations

Everything starts with a good presentation.

Your idea may be unique and revolutionary, if poorly presented it will be ignored and you may never make it. We create stunning and effective presentations for Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote to help you and your idea get noticed.

  • Presentation is crucial for every field of activity.
  • We emulate and perpetuate your brand with our designs.
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