Print Design Services

Business Cards

They let people know who you are and what you are capable of.
Impress them.

Business Cards are a great and easy way of exchanging contact information and networking but they also impact the impression the other person has on you. They reflect your company's level of professionalism and your personal abilities. At Hyperion we understand that and we design beautiful and professionally looking business cards that will make others remember you.

  • A Business Card reflects your identity and your company's.
  • They are very effective in exchanging contact information.
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Fliers and Brochures

Detailed information, Neatly packed.

There is no better way of providing your customers with a complete description of your services or informing them of new services or products you are adding to the lineup. Brochures can be extremely efficient if designed properly and we pride ourselves in handling brochure design flawlessly.

  • Brochures can be extremely effective if designed properly.
  • They are a great way of communicating large amounts of information.
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Stationery Design

Envelopes, Letterheads and Notes.

The documents your company uses should also reflect your image. This is why stationery design can help promote your brand and fortify your position in the market.

  • We design and format any internal or external corporate documents.
  • They can improve your company's image for external parties.
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Product Packaging

Creative and Professional Product Packaging.

Though not as important as the quality of your product and your company's image, the packaging of your product is the first thing your customers see - this means that it plays an important role in their decision. We will help your product stand out and impress your clients.

  • Through good packaging design your product will easily get noticed.
  • Clients may choose the products they buy based on a perceived value.
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Magazine Design

Professional Magazine Design Services.

A good magazine, may it be printed or digital, shouldn't only have an instantly recognizable image, writing style and design, it engages it's users on such a level that they feel it speaks to them. At Hyperion we understand that and we use it to our advantage. This enables us to create high quality magazines (and similar formatted documents) that serve the functions mentioned above and look gorgeous at the same time.

  • We have a deep understanding of the current magazine market.
  • We respect print standards so you can have a hassle free process.
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Print Advertising Campaign

From banners and billboards to store-front banners.

Print advertising campaigns can be regarded as our premium package. They include everything from the concept and execution of a printed design piece, to consultancy and campaign management.

  • We create everything you need to launch a new ad campaign.
  • Printed advertising material tends to reach a very broad audience.
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