Terms of Service

1. Terms

By accessing and/or using this site you herby agree to be bound by our Terms of Service. You agree to abide by all laws and regulations applicable and viable for Hyperion’s jurisdiction. If you find these terms unreasonable and do not wish to abide by them, you are forbidden further contact or interaction with the website or posted materials.

2. Validity

The Terms of Service are valid as of the 19th of November 2012. The agreement between you, the user, and us, Hyperion, is, and will be considered valid until one of the parties wishes to terminate it. The said party agrees to inform the other party in written form.

3. Material Use License

Permission is granted to temporarily download a copy of the materials posted on www.hyperion-design.com. The said license is for personal use only and it may not be transffered through any means or used for any commercial purposes.

You herby agree that you will NOT:

4. No Warranty

The materials on www.hyperion-design.com are provided “as is” and we do not assume any responsibility for any damages that may incur by the use of our website or files or by the use of files hosted or linked on www.hyperion-design.com. We offer no warranty for no item found on our website and hereby deny all claims for such warranties. External Content; Hyperion has not verified the external content that may be linked on our website and denies any allegations with any external parties. Their views, concepts, content and ideas do not represent Hyperion.

5. Privacy

Hyperion will never deliberately misuse your personal information, distribute it or share it with unauthorized parties. We will not accept responsibility for any information leaks generated by hardware or software failures on our side, on our hosting and domain providers side (WebFaction.com and Name.com respectively).

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