Our Process & Mission

Our process is built to play on your company's strengths, address the issues at hand and come up with actionable solutions; sometimes a good brainstorming session is all that is needed to get results. Our process is structured in 4 steps, with the first one being focused on understanding the needs, nature and situation of your company. Not all companies are looking for the same results and we want to work with people we can truly help.

Our mission at Grow with a CFO is simple: to provide quality financial and sales consulting services that can help your company reach new heights. Bringing years of experience to the table, we believe we are ideally positioned to help you take your company to the next level or out of any slow period you may be in.

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01. Selection Process

The Selection Process

We take pride in the services we provide which is why we initially go through a client analysis phase to make sure your needs are a true fit to our services. We will ask that you fill out a simple questionnaire about you and your business and we will schedule an in person meeting to get to know each other better.

02. Second Step

The Plan

Each company we work with is unique, so each transition will be tailored specifically for them. We put together three different scenarios for you and your company. Each scenario will map out growth and increased revenue backed with financial milestones for success.

03. Here is the Third Step

Decision Time

Once we have presented our proposed solutions. We can then decide which path best fits your situation and helps you to meet both your short term and long terms goals.

04. Fourth Step


A plan without action is just an idea. We specialize in setting and realizing both financial and growth milestones to keep us moving in the right direction. All businesses thrive from results, which is why we put our focus and our compensation on your your results. Without results you shouldn’t have to pay. Lets get to work!

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Hourly CFO/Sales Consulting

If you are looking for a review of your books or beefing up sales with a motivational pep talk our hourly plan is for you. We provide all of our services at a defined rate and we are very transparent.

Monthly Retainer

Our Monthly retainer program is perfect for the company that is looking for a part time CFO and Sales or business consultant.

It includes 40 hours of any of the Grow With CFO services and unlimited support.

$4,500/m +3% of Growth
Growth Package

This is our most common product. We provide unlimited sales and business consulting for you and your business and 40 hours of CFO service. This plan is focused on turning profits and helping your company grow. Many business owners are a slave to their business and the bottom line; let us help you turn your company into a well oil profitable machine. We are compensated only for the growth and or profitability of your company.

40 hours of CFO services + unlimited sales and business coaching.

Monthly fee is waived for the first 60 days.

About Grow with a CFO

We started this journey after seeing many businesses not reaching their full potential and letting great ideas go to waste because of the absence of guidance. Working with small and mid sized business owners we noticed that most owners are to busy putting out fires to really focus on long-term strategies. Other business owners started their business because they had a skill they were good at, but never wanted to sell, market or manage the books. And most of all most business didn’t have the capital to pay for a CFO or a sales and marketing manager.

Grow With A CFO was formed to solve the issues that most businesses face. We created a partnership, combining CFO expertise; sales and business coaching and sprinkled in other related services that would help your business grow strategically and profitably.

We also decided that we would waive our retainer fee for the first 60 days. We feel that earning our paycheck is what your business was built on, and results are what we will be compensated on.

  • Robert Posten

    This journey started for Mr. Posten when he was a young boy. A true entrepreneur from a very young age, he watched as his father gave up his prize possessions to start his own machine shop.

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  • Dwayne Redmon

    Mr. Redmon was previously the Vice President, Finance for the Golden State Warriors (the NBA franchise located in Oakland, CA). He held that position for nine years commencing in 2002.

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Services we Provide

All of our services are based around growing revenue for you and your company. We offer full CFO, Sales and business coaching services. For the past 5 years we have been helping businesses just like yours. We can help you turn your company around, maintain steady growth, help you plan for retirement, or build a study healthy company that you can sell. We offer a no risk solution for you and your business. Unlike most consulting services there is no cost to you for the first 60 days. This will allow you to see the results before paying for them.

  • CEO financial advisory
  • Business coaching and training
  • Project management training and certification training
  • Leadership coaching and training
  • Sales Coaching and training
  • Part-time CFO services